Arrival – Rubbleton South – New Bedrock

We have arrived. Devastation awaits. Visited the city, utter chaos. My kind of hometown.

Practice with Dragan and William went well. Plans afoot for electric practice Tuesday.

Forever Tuesday morning – practice set for Tuesday afternoon then dinner with LoLiners. Gotta lose some weight.

Its a tangled web we weave. Lookin good for the show. will work on tan in Oz. Got spiders for sunhats to keep out the flies.

The boys looking lean and mean as superfit fit fiddles and twice as screechy. Probably on Brainetics. Sipping Diet Coke and V Double-Hit, the diet a mixture of Gluten-Free rissolses and pure adrenaline, straight to the heart.

We are ready. Practice is sorted. Blisters on my fingers. Clean Slate. Tabla Rasa. Ready to lick the floor clean. Take No Prisoners.



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