Gig #1 – Dinky Darkroom not so poky

Darkroom - sometimes its the little things that matter

After the buildup about the size of the darkroom we were expecting to be shoehorned into a matchbox-sized venue and sharing the stage with the congregation – as it happened the darkroom was a pleasant-sized venue with tasty pizza and an inpressive range of local and imported beers, a nice feel and great city location in a city currently starved of venues, and being placed next to Galaxy Records makes for a vibrant venue.

The transistors played a rousing set , followed by short sets by Connie on eccentric rockabilly guitar and Louise Payne AKA Gorgeous Disorders performing a challenging spoken word set, then we did our shit, the first gig of the Tour and William’s first battle in the Axemen Tour Of Duty, in which he performed admirably.

The Transistors

Thanks to the Transistors, T54 and LoLiners for gear, support and goodwill, Darkroom for great venue, pizza, beer and atmosphere, and Tansistors, Connie and Louise for support 🙂

Gorgeous Disorders


you know me

Posted in christchurch, New Zealand
2 comments on “Gig #1 – Dinky Darkroom not so poky
  1. Louise Payne says:

    (((((Axemen))) thank you so much-I had a great time-!!!–Connie sends her best and just loved it-you rock—good write up Steve-GREAT VENUE-reminds me of edinburgh oens and thats a fucking winner-I know i wanta do my stuffings thre again-ALl the best4your OZ tour–love louise- and thanks from Connie who i just spoke2-

  2. adele campion says:

    love that you do this !!!!! xxxx

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