Gig #3 – Mighty Mighty a mighty good mighty tight night

Mighty Dragan and Stu

 Flew into Wellington from Chch and proceeded to the venue after catching up with family and buddies.Mighty Mighty decked out ravishingly, a good crowd turning out to see Terror of the Deep and the Axemen, and staying for the sublime DJ-ing of DJ L.S. McCabe, debuting on the virtual wheels of steel.My first time seeing Terror of The Deep, a tribute to William Daymond’s stamina sustaining a typically cool persona and hardly raising a sweat despite playing drums with TOTD before the Axemen’s set, and a nice poppy overall sound with most harmonious harmonies and catchy toons.

Terror of The Deep

 The Axemen show probably the tightest yet, William fitting in nicely and looking to be well integrated – first unforced encore of the tour, a tight ‘Carmen On Ice’ bringing the punters to the boil ready to simmer the night away to Axemen DJ’s LSM, Dragan and Stu ‘s ice-cold beats and scratch-happy fingers, a good rest for guitar-solo battered lead fingers. The wizened Wellington crowd soon warmed to and revelled in the eclectic mix of late 70’s / early 80’s punk (Crass, The Fall, the Clash, Gang of Four etc.) 90’s and noughties pop (Britney, Justin Timberlake etc.) early NZ rock’n’roll and 60’s psychedelia.

DJ LSM stares down a persistent punter

 Ultimately a good time had by all – some fretting early on at the novice dj skills on display but once we read the crowd they were in the palm of our hands, eating the ghost chips – and lovin it!


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