Wizened in oz – Auckland – Sydney – Brisbane… Wagons roll

Stu gets 'the works' - Neck, back, crack and nutsack

AK – Last night in a real bed for a couple of weeks – hard as tacks these lads of the long grey axe. Briefly separated, now the bonding begins, all the way from Bondi to Brisbane. They are big boys now, we are all big boys. Emirates flight was lovely, a great selection of in-flight entertainment and all the fun of a multilingual cabin crew and being profiled for NOT looking Moslem.
Lots of movies and sounds, I watched Chasing Madoff Dragan watched Mr Popper’s Penguins, William checked out the British Number ones from 1951 – now.

Hold the cricket

Arrived in Sydney right on time, Sam & Daniel awaiting us at the airport with axemen sign at the VIP pickups zone. Enthrallingly as we entered and checked out the tour wagon we were heartened to find it fully loaded with air conditioning, a gear trailer, pillows and beer… a good omen. 21 degrees in Sydney with a lite breeze, perfect weather at 8pm to kick off a coastal  jaunt up to the Briz for the first gig of the tour, the Negative Guest List Festival, and what a hot fest that will be! But for now it’s driving driving driving, or rather being driven,  driven through the driving highway wind, under the Harbour, past Bobbin Head, hugging the fractal coast like a drunken crow, fresh out of the Crow Bar.
Hard to fathom it will be light in 5 hrs or so, and in 10 hrs we shall be in the mighty Northern Territory, where the last kiwi to make his mark was Joh Bjelke Petersen , Dannevirkes second most famous export after Norsewear.

Daniel, Sam

But for the adrenalin running through chilled lymph nodes we should be sleeping, but as wide-eyed and perky as novice nuns at a drive-in double feature showing of the Sound of Music with The Kids are Alright. The highway keeps on rolling, we just passed Peat’s Ridge and the cats eyes roll on like notes on Guitar Hero, relentless and twinkling as a string of laser-lit UFOs looking for a parking spot early for xmas. I think we are still in Sydney.

We’ve barely been in Aus for two hours and just heard my first Crowded House song on the in-house tour vehicle entertainment system (IHTVES)  – Sam tactfully switched stations before speculation on how long before April Sun in Cuba and Gutter Black would bubble to the surface – of all the gin joints in all the world these kiwi satellites seem to enter our orbit whether or not we request them (and we would be unlikely to do so) still, I guess technically we are joining their ranks, if only for a couple of weeks,  a lot of work and sweat to inevitably become a footnote in nz music history,  life is of course what you make it and we will make the most.
I really feel something of the pioneering spirit of Burke and Wills getting off the plane and hopping in a car with a couple of guys we ‘be never met other than on the Internet and being driven 12 hours to another state for a gig in a foreign land, this great land of diggers, roos , snakes and the footy.

The band is here. The merch is here. The stage is set. We have arrived.


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One comment on “Wizened in oz – Auckland – Sydney – Brisbane… Wagons roll
  1. Progger says:

    Have a great tour, Axemen!

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