Gig #6 Deadshits Motel, LaTrobe Tce, Brisbane – oh the humidity

Latrobe Tce, central Paddington in Brisbane appears to be a creative hub – cum – doss house – cum performance venue and is home / transit centre for brisbanes disaffected youth and a few old codgers, a hive of activity and productivity. Today due to storm activity the planned downstairs gig and BBQ was hastily re-jigged to an upstairs performance in what was up till an hour ago our hotel bedroom.

First up are schoolgirl report aka our erstwhile hosts, chauffeurs and promoters Sam and Dan.
A 2-piece consisting of Sam on guitar and Dan on drums supplemented by occasional electronic percussive elements, their sound is held together by seemingly chaotic rhythms which somehow mesh nicely with sams choppy guitar chops and interspersed with vocal snatches, mostly from behind the drum kit.

Next up is Reunion Sacred Ibis, ethereal electronica from Matt, kind of a sci-fi storm chaser soundtrack, perfect for a sweltering stormy Brisbane day.
the humidity is off the chart here today…

Exiles from Clowntown are up next, this trio being eponymous expats of Cullandra, the real Clowntown.
Solid rockin with bass guitar drums plus electronics, these dudes make a good noise. The rain is relenting a bit.

A short break and xNOBBQx are up. We played with these guys and a few punters missed them as they thought they were tuning up… I think the expression is ‘atmospheric’. A packed lounge at Latrobe and the relentless rain is relenting, punters and roads steaming like a kettle testing lab running an open day. Now that’s what i call atmospheric.

We played our set, a tight list mostly made up of songs we didn’t play last nite -what we call ‘mixing it up’ in da hood.
A great if perspirational gig, the humidity in Brisbane is really something…


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