Gig #6.5 – Real Bad Music Xmas party, magic mile, mooloka

After a windy sojourn through the outskirts of Brisbane suburbs stu and i arrived at the magic mile, a sumptuous and legendary venue – cum flat above a grocer and next to moomooka train station.

First up a 5 piece animated collective, tonite playing seated and evoking the sounds of the outback, the incessant kookaburras and cicadas , the arbitrary thunderclaps, the screams of the blackfellas.

Audaciously featuring recorder, synth and violin, along with two drums (bass and loose tom) and poetic vocals, these dudes sucked the crowd into the deepest corners of this dark dank room.

The most insects I have seen in Aussie since arriving, Dragan claims to have seen some bats flying across the moon and William has 3 lizards ticked off on the official axemen ‘punters and pests ‘ checklist.

Our gracious hosts School Girl Report up next, delivering another fine set of urban percussive ozcore – their energy seemingly amplified by the tiny size of the venue and the cranes conditions, eg the set being split in two parts for a drinks break as the punters swoop in to grab their beers from the kitchen fridge, currently doubling as the stage.

Perfect Lovers up next, a guitar-based outfit with spunk, at least 6 pieces and a semi structured format…
Interesting stickless drum technique, literal cymbal crashing,like it,Ike it a lot

This guy makes tha dramatic calamity an artform, just don’t buy used cymbals from brizzy sight unseen, diggers!
Great intense vocas from Sarah, the wile roustabout sound a kickass thang.

Greg Boring up now. Im out on the white-ant terrace with others feeling the heat shielded by a lovely white ant mesh with a nice breeze comin thru, plus a good dose of diesel from delivery trucks and fear juice from the cattle stock being brought to harvest.
Chant-haunting music with a sharp funk and good-feeling ‘BORING’ chants..

A slow and deliberate set from mad nanna living up to their menacing legacy of being the slowest band around.

Stu and myself played a brief set with Sarah on additional vocals and that was pretty much it , another stimulating evening in Brisbane and on to byron bay…


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