Gig #7 New castle and pants, tell old whitey the news

Cock safari up first at emma soup in Newcastle, after a huge day in the outback, a thrasher of a welcome to newcastle and indeed to new south wales. Cock is comprised of white noise and patched in cassette and various treatments and whooped up in the soup.

Cock safari were followed by the Nugs who started off in surf rocker mode and moved through 60’s psychedelia through ramones fairly rapidly. The big crowd pleaser was an endearing and catchy number, “I’m gonna smash yer face in”, reflecting the slightly seedy scene in Newcastle and the slightly larrikin-esque nature of the beast here.
Sample crowd dialogue:
Audience member: “is this your last song?” band: “we got 30 more babe!”

On first assessment Newcastle seems like the Hamburg of Aussie, a rough and tumble town looking for some hell to raise, and a bunch of generally cool kids looking to raise it in this jimmy dean world in which we live, where there may be no future but there is certainly a now, and it is this, the dreamtime.

Alps on next, tonite playing as a two-piece synth and guitar duo, a nice affected tepid beat suiting the jangly pop style exquisitely. Suits you sir.

Polyfox duo the janglier brother of alps it seems , the harmonized cousin maybe – what the hell do I know?

We are on after these guys, as always we are ready to do it for the kids.


you know me

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One comment on “Gig #7 New castle and pants, tell old whitey the news
  1. lindylou says:

    How did Cock safari and Vas deferens get on then?

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