Gig #8 Red Rattler Hellish Hell Razors

NZ’s own Satanic Rockers kick off the evening at the Red Rattler in Marrickville, Sydney. A slow thudding guitar-riff ridden sound with attitude, reminiscent of deja voodoo perhaps or early axemen, you gotta love that. As seems to be the norm here, they played a short sharp set, 6 songs I believe.

Schoolgirl Report

Next up are our lads schoolgirl report, playing the rattler for the first time after an arduous drive down to Sydney from Newcastle. They sound a bit ‘bigger’ more symphonic (especially the synth steel drums) and more rhythmic tonite than previous gigs, probably partly to I. I do w ith the decent p.a. at the red rattler.

Mad Nanna return to show they are NOT the slowest rock band about (after seeing satanic rockers earlier in the evening), and xNOBBQx follow up with a caustic, beat laden set of typically dark sardonic sound sculptures.


Alps on next, the sultan of effects boxes on a solo trip in the Marrickville hood, rockin all the way to south Sydenham.

Circle Pit

Circle Pit a little raunchier, with a strong and rockin bunch of songs, then our set – consensually the best of the Aussie shows to date, with
the possible exception of Latrobe house party.


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