Gig #9 Breakfast with the Circle Pits, dinner and a do at Black Wire

After a 5:30 am arrival back from the free and humane red rattler, a rather splendid establishment, we were ferried to balmain to the stately home of Angie Circle Pit’s mum, where we awoke after a few hours stolen sleep to a sumptuous breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, halvarian cheese morsels, toast, feta and baked beans we took a stroll down the road to check out the cafes and balmain street life.

Got coffee, took pics and returned to sip, review the gig, and write more of the songs that make the whole world sing and howl. Before we knew it was time to hit the traffic and head to the next gig, Parramatta’s legendary Black Wire Records, where we are up to play tonite with the legendary Lolife, the legendary, the legendary NZ’s own Satanic Rockers, and the legendary Whores.

Lolife played a tuneful and tight set, followed by Silvermoon (not to be confused with Silverchair, Nickelback, or the ubiquitous Goldfinger) playing a more raucous but just as tight set, with a great range of songs and themes

Next up the mighty Satanic Rockers, playing through the tiniest amps imaginable amplified to the nth degree thru the p.a., to good effect. They may look somewhat like a Mother Goose tribute band, but there were no requests for ‘Baked Beans’ once they ploughed through their awesomely turgid set.

Whores took the floor with a solid almost slick sound wall approach, an impressive wall for a 3 piece, some commentators calling it ‘the great wall’. Attitude and terser turgidness is the themes of the evening it seems and these guys have both in spades

We played an energetic and well-received set to a receptive and responsive Annandale crowd, and had a good nite on the merch table, and meeting up for the first time in years with legendary Connoisseur and Axel GrinderPhil Ascott.

Added a few Lines To ‘animals have rights too’ and did some work on ‘kookaburra’, a new number inspired by the majestic mocking creature so named, and so prevalent in this great southern land.


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