Gig #11 The Phoenix, Canberra ACT louder than words territory

It seems  Canberra, federal capital of the great Southern Land, situated in the third state of our 5 State Aussie Tour (comprising Queensland, New South Wales, The Australian Capital Territory,  Victoria and South Australia) is not particularly renowned for its fringe elements and wild post-punk appreciation as a rule, but a quick look through the gig archives of  The Phoenix pub (‘The Irish ultra-cool hip hangout in Canberra’ – shows a strong commitment by and support of the venue as a post-punk/alt-art/community supportive and supported conceptual nurturing ground for local and touring artists.

One of the great things about this tour has been not only playing with a wide variety of musical / theatrical performers in various groupings but crossing paths with some acts on meandering and diverse, but not mutually exclusive tour paths, and using (in many cases), different equipment on consecutive nights, adding unique facets to their sound on every gig and soaking in a little more of  each others mana at every avenue.

This was the case tonight, having played with each of the acts on the bill on at least one occasion on the tour so far, and what has made it special is getting to know and hang out with the artists and observing their interactions with each other, not just artistically but in their day to day touring routines, eating and drinking habits, their reaction to various stimulations and setbacks and how they each incorporate their experiences since the last gig, trading thoughts and ideas openly in what can almost be described as an extended family or tribe type relationship, its conflicts and personalities ebbing and flowing rhythmically, churning and resolving as an ocean, exposing and reclaiming old relics, treasures and barnacle-laden buckets alike.

LSM - Wandella Bruising Day 1


This was also my first gig after the Wandella incident and due to the bruising and excruciating pain in my arm i was unable to play guitar on this and the next gig, which i was saddened about but by external accounts from the gigerati (ie the other touring bands who had seen us perform both with and without lead / support guitar) was one of their favourite shows of the tour… go figure…


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