Australian Press Release by Samuel Miers, Australian Tour Promoter

The Flying Nun label’s 30th Anniversary parties are happening all over New Zealand and Australia this November, but in December Axemen (Flying Nun’s outsider pop rats) bring the real party across the pacific ocean for the first time.

After forming in protest of the 1981 Springbok NZ tour, the group of screen printers played their cheeky swirls of hooky rock between Christchurch and Dunedin at homosexual law reforms, buskers conventions and on TV with as many as 15 – or as little as 2 – people on stage. When on tour in New Zealand Kurt Cobain saw one of these shows, then hunted down every Axemen release he could find. In the last few years the seminal Siltbreeze label has been reissuing lost Axemen classics, leading to the band reuniting in 2009, after a fifteen-year hiatus, to tour America with Siltbreeze / Matador act Times New Viking.

Thanks largely to Australian music houses like Sunshine & Grease and Negative Guestlist, Axemen have developed a small but intense following of ned-heads. These ned-heads will be able to pick up plenty of rare Axemen releases from the 80’s from their own Sleek Bott label, along with the fresh-off-the-press Australian tour 7” at every show. Axemen will shoot heart bullets of free pop at the men and women of love at the inaugural Polka Before the Apocalypse (Brisbane) and Mrs Tapes (Sydney) festivals, plus watch out Newcastle, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Batemans Bay.

Their ever changing lineup – which has included members of The Clean, Tall Dwarfs and The Terminals – for the Australian tour is original vocalist/guitarist Little Stevie Mccabe, original drummer Stu Kawowski, Slav guitar connoiseur Dragan Stojanovic (an Axeman since 1985) and Will Daymond in his mourning of youth. As Axemen scanty town ride around, staying in either big cheap motels or on your couch for beer und flinstones, filmmaker Fred Renata will be there, documenting the tour.

Here are the dates you can catch Axemen revealing their tragic tale of the rock n roll legend:

10th, 11th Brisbane @ Spring Hotel
Negative Guestlist Festival
W/ The best of Aus Underground

14th Newcastle @ TBA:
W/ Cock Safari and Bare Grillz

15th Sydney @ the Red Rattler:
Mrs Tapes Festival
W/ Circle Pit, Alps, xNoBBQx, Mad Nanna, School Girl Report and Satanic Rockers

16th Sydney @ Black Wire Records:
W/ Silver Moon, Whores and Low Life

17th Batemans Bay @ Sister Smooth:
W/ XNOBBQX, Mad Nanna, School Girl Report, Satanic Rockers

18th Canberra @ The Phoenix
W/ XNOBBQX, Mad Nanna, Satanic Rockers and
School Girl Report

19th Melbourne @ The Gasometer
W/ Paul Kidney Experience, Bum Creek and School Girl Report

21st Melbourne @ The Tote
W/ Circle Pit, Mad Nanna and Satanic Rockers + Nth Wheel DJ

23rd Adelaide @ Format
W/ School Girl Report, Men’s Health and No Action.



Loliners are a mixture of Garage /Trash /Rock /Country/ White Magic/ Blues
Three girls and a lad on drums, an eclectic mixture of songs for the love of music
Lisa Preston – keyboard, drums, guitar, vocals
bands: Portage, Nux-Vomica The Axemin, Snort, Thee Hellfire Club, The Luvin’ 44′s, The Ginger Group, The Tryhards, Loliners
Joanne Billesdon – lead and rhythm guitar & vocals
Bands: The Stepford 5, The Renderers, The Axemin, I M Force, Snort, The Hellfire Club, The Strapons, The Tryhards, Loliners
Sharon Warhurst – bass guitar
bands: The Stepford 5, Snort, I M Force, Thee Hellfire Club, loliners
Russell Covyene – Drums
bands: The Aesthetics, The Renderers, The Ginger Group, The Fugging Bass Turds, The Beautiful Losers, Silo, Laudanum, Zero, the_lo_liners

Dark Matter

Dark Matter came about because of a batch of songs I [Stephen Cogle] wrote around and because of the tribute nights at Al’s bar, some 3 or 4 years ago.
I was positively energised by the monthly tributes and its fair to say I miss those occassions.
I wished to perform these songs with most of the people who performed in that tribute band it just seemed a natural progression.
Since those nights gradually faded into memory its been almost impossible for me to write anything, so it just shows its all a matter of the right time right place for some intangible thing called inspiration to happen. I hope it happens again with meDark Matter are:
Joanne Billesdon Lead Guitar
Nicole Moffat Voilin
John Chrisstoffels Cello
John Billows Bass
Michael Daly Drums
Stephen Cogle Guitar and Vocals

Terror of the Deep ©W.S. McCallum

Terror of the Deep initially began as a solo project of Oliver Dixon (guitars, vocals) in 2008 but soon transformed into a fully fledged band with the addition of Taipua Adams (bass, vocals) in 2009 and William Daymond (drums, vocals) in 2010. With two albums under their belt, Airport Underneath The Dome (2010) and the new release Permanent Weekend (2011), Terror Of The Deep will be supporting he Axemen at the Mighty Mighty in Wellington fresh from returning from the second Terror of the Deep trip to Australia in as many years, after which William Daymond takes on the role of Axemen bass player for the Axemen’s upcoming December 2011 Australasi


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