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Finale – Across the sacred arid plains

Rumble in the jungle It is 42 degrees out there. Here in our metal clambake clamshell the sweat drips off like rivers of raging emus. The hell-preview heat leaves us stultified and there is not a roo or koala to

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Gig #14 – had a raid in a hostile area – Format Xmas Party kicks off early for lent – lent gear that is

The old wives tale about making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear and a poor workman blaming her tools is flipped on its head tonite with a smorgasbord of top end amps and guitars on offer, an oasis

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wGig #13 – At their Satanic Nanna-sties Request – Toting with the Circle Pits and the Pendulum swings like a hinemoa poi poi

Ah Melbourne, the Tote, the Tote-Mother, proud mother of a million or more gigs seemingly, so proud is their heritage as a venue. Jealousy and envy are a two fingered throwback throw-up common to most conceited arrogant entitled gits and

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Gig #13[a] – Toting the line , Melbourne

Reprinted from: By Julian Wu 190. Circle Pit, The Axemen, The Tote 21/12/2011 Circle Pit from Sydney, play sloppy, charming indie pop with a punk attitude. There’s [malnourished] Boy/[blond bombshell] Girl vocals, as they both switch and swap rhythm

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Gig #11 The Phoenix, Canberra ACT louder than words territory

It seems  Canberra, federal capital of the great Southern Land, situated in the third state of our 5 State Aussie Tour (comprising Queensland, New South Wales, The Australian Capital Territory,  Victoria and South Australia) is not particularly renowned for its

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Gig #10 – Batemans Bay / Wandella – dreamtime travelogue the real deal – dialog with the warming land – bush buddies boil it up – punch drunk kids take it on and take it out on the oldies

The Sydney to Batemans Bay trip is a magic journey into the dreamtime, the birthplace of the aussie tour and hometown of Schoolgirl Report, their family friends and acquaintances. As strangers in this foreign lander feel honored to be introduced

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Gig #9 Breakfast with the Circle Pits, dinner and a do at Black Wire

After a 5:30 am arrival back from the free and humane red rattler, a rather splendid establishment, we were ferried to balmain to the stately home of Angie Circle Pit’s mum, where we awoke after a few hours stolen sleep

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