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wGig #13 – At their Satanic Nanna-sties Request – Toting with the Circle Pits and the Pendulum swings like a hinemoa poi poi

Ah Melbourne, the Tote, the Tote-Mother, proud mother of a million or more gigs seemingly, so proud is their heritage as a venue. Jealousy and envy are a two fingered throwback throw-up common to most conceited arrogant entitled gits and

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Gig #13[a] – Toting the line , Melbourne

Reprinted from: By Julian Wu 190. Circle Pit, The Axemen, The Tote 21/12/2011 Circle Pit from Sydney, play sloppy, charming indie pop with a punk attitude. There’s [malnourished] Boy/[blond bombshell] Girl vocals, as they both switch and swap rhythm

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