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Finale – Across the sacred arid plains

Rumble in the jungle It is 42 degrees out there. Here in our metal clambake clamshell the sweat drips off like rivers of raging emus. The hell-preview heat leaves us stultified and there is not a roo or koala to

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Gig #9 Breakfast with the Circle Pits, dinner and a do at Black Wire

After a 5:30 am arrival back from the free and humane red rattler, a rather splendid establishment, we were ferried to balmain to the stately home of Angie Circle Pit’s mum, where we awoke after a few hours stolen sleep

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Post Gig #8, Fat Masty TV comes to the party in Sydney

L-R ‘Sleepin’ DraganĀ  Stojanovic, William ‘girls best friend’ Daymond, Steve ‘Belly Roll’ McCabe, Roberta ‘flak’ Masty, Stu ‘Take a photo it’ll last longer’ Kawowski

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Gig #8 Red Rattler Hellish Hell Razors

NZ’s own Satanic Rockers kick off the evening at the Red Rattler in Marrickville, Sydney. A slow thudding guitar-riff ridden sound with attitude, reminiscent of deja voodoo perhaps or early axemen, you gotta love that. As seems to be the

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