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Gig #6.5 – Real Bad Music Xmas party, magic mile, mooloka

After a windy sojourn through the outskirts of Brisbane suburbs stu and i arrived at the magic mile, a sumptuous and legendary venue – cum flat above a grocer and next to moomooka train station. First up a 5 piece

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Deadshits Motel – Jack lives here

Brisbane . Latrobe . Post-gig . Jack lives here! Brizzie treaing us well, now its ater midnight i can say this is just a perfect day let it all hang out , take a picture it will last longer!

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Gig #6 Deadshits Motel, LaTrobe Tce, Brisbane – oh the humidity

Latrobe Tce, central Paddington in Brisbane appears to be a creative hub – cum – doss house – cum performance venue and is home / transit centre for brisbanes disaffected youth and a few old codgers, a hive of activity

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Gig #5 – Negative Guest List Festival, The Primitive, Spring Hotel, Brisbane

We headed down around 6 to the venue. Looking rather more opulent than we are accustomed to, the upstairs corner bar, part of the spring hill hotel complex, in central Brisbane, so much so it has a view of Suncorp

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