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Gig #1 – Dinky Darkroom not so poky

After the buildup about the size of the darkroom we were expecting to be shoehorned into a matchbox-sized venue and sharing the stage with the congregation – as it happened the darkroom was a pleasant-sized venue with tasty pizza and

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Helena Rubenstein – electric Über-bully of the stars

  Day 2 in Rubbleton – Christchurch a ramshshackle rundown collection of piles of historic rubble.The first electric practice for the new Axemen team, and the first with Stu, so things were a helluva lot louder. LoLiners practice room weathered 

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Arrival – Rubbleton South – New Bedrock

We have arrived. Devastation awaits. Visited the city, utter chaos. My kind of hometown. Practice with Dragan and William went well. Plans afoot for electric practice Tuesday. Forever Tuesday morning – practice set for Tuesday afternoon then dinner with LoLiners.

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