Post Gig #8, Fat Masty TV comes to the party in Sydney

L-R ‘Sleepin’ DraganĀ  Stojanovic, William ‘girls best friend’ Daymond, Steve ‘Belly Roll’ McCabe, Roberta ‘flak’ Masty, Stu ‘Take a photo it’ll last longer’ Kawowski

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Gig #8 Red Rattler Hellish Hell Razors

NZ’s own Satanic Rockers kick off the evening at the Red Rattler in Marrickville, Sydney. A slow thudding guitar-riff ridden sound with attitude, reminiscent of deja voodoo perhaps or early axemen, you gotta love that. As seems to be the norm here, they played a short sharp set, 6 songs I believe.

Schoolgirl Report

Next up are our lads schoolgirl report, playing the rattler for the first time after an arduous drive down to Sydney from Newcastle. They sound a bit ‘bigger’ more symphonic (especially the synth steel drums) and more rhythmic tonite than previous gigs, probably partly to I. I do w ith the decent p.a. at the red rattler.

Mad Nanna return to show they are NOT the slowest rock band about (after seeing satanic rockers earlier in the evening), and xNOBBQx follow up with a caustic, beat laden set of typically dark sardonic sound sculptures.


Alps on next, the sultan of effects boxes on a solo trip in the Marrickville hood, rockin all the way to south Sydenham.

Circle Pit

Circle Pit a little raunchier, with a strong and rockin bunch of songs, then our set – consensually the best of the Aussie shows to date, with
the possible exception of Latrobe house party.

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‘Roo-spotting on the Tundra

The old coach road from Byron Bay to Newcastle is literally swarming with ‘roos and their young, bleached buffalo skulls, the ghosts of highwaymen and desperadoes and cackling kookaburras, emus still trying to learn to fly After all these years and snakes and lizards fighting tooth and nail over territory which has been disputed for generations. This is the cruel unforgiving nature of the outback, the harsh sun beating down cruelly on billabong and ghost gum indiscriminately.

The soothing sound of thousands of molten koalas nibbling quietly on the eucalyptus, nutritious but notoriously hard on the gums, the harsh reality of being alone in the outback except for my band really hitting home now.

The needless death of a wombat on the side of the road makes no sense other than to magnify the fragility of the delicate Eco-system, it’s guts spilled half on the Tarmac and half on a verdant patch of grass in a vibrant mishmash of obscene red and green against the man made grey of the bitumen and metal road where it has not degraded into a reddish brown dust bowl. Every couple of feet or so there are roadworks, maybe happening now or maybe abandoned some time ago.

Herds of kangaroo fossick and hop from feeding hole to feeding hole, roaming the landscape, the scouts going ahead sniffing for the next billabong, the old timers starting a fire by rubbing their rear legs together, like giant silent cicadas, their oversized clown feet comical in their buffoonishness yet critical to their survival over the eons – since they discovered the miracle of fire the kangaroo has continued to dominate the landscape, lighting fires everywhere they go, to keep their arch-enemy the platypus at bay.

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Gig #7 New castle and pants, tell old whitey the news

Cock safari up first at emma soup in Newcastle, after a huge day in the outback, a thrasher of a welcome to newcastle and indeed to new south wales. Cock is comprised of white noise and patched in cassette and various treatments and whooped up in the soup.

Cock safari were followed by the Nugs who started off in surf rocker mode and moved through 60’s psychedelia through ramones fairly rapidly. The big crowd pleaser was an endearing and catchy number, “I’m gonna smash yer face in”, reflecting the slightly seedy scene in Newcastle and the slightly larrikin-esque nature of the beast here.
Sample crowd dialogue:
Audience member: “is this your last song?” band: “we got 30 more babe!”

On first assessment Newcastle seems like the Hamburg of Aussie, a rough and tumble town looking for some hell to raise, and a bunch of generally cool kids looking to raise it in this jimmy dean world in which we live, where there may be no future but there is certainly a now, and it is this, the dreamtime.

Alps on next, tonite playing as a two-piece synth and guitar duo, a nice affected tepid beat suiting the jangly pop style exquisitely. Suits you sir.

Polyfox duo the janglier brother of alps it seems , the harmonized cousin maybe – what the hell do I know?

We are on after these guys, as always we are ready to do it for the kids.

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Gig #6.5 – Real Bad Music Xmas party, magic mile, mooloka

After a windy sojourn through the outskirts of Brisbane suburbs stu and i arrived at the magic mile, a sumptuous and legendary venue – cum flat above a grocer and next to moomooka train station.

First up a 5 piece animated collective, tonite playing seated and evoking the sounds of the outback, the incessant kookaburras and cicadas , the arbitrary thunderclaps, the screams of the blackfellas.

Audaciously featuring recorder, synth and violin, along with two drums (bass and loose tom) and poetic vocals, these dudes sucked the crowd into the deepest corners of this dark dank room.

The most insects I have seen in Aussie since arriving, Dragan claims to have seen some bats flying across the moon and William has 3 lizards ticked off on the official axemen ‘punters and pests ‘ checklist.

Our gracious hosts School Girl Report up next, delivering another fine set of urban percussive ozcore – their energy seemingly amplified by the tiny size of the venue and the cranes conditions, eg the set being split in two parts for a drinks break as the punters swoop in to grab their beers from the kitchen fridge, currently doubling as the stage.

Perfect Lovers up next, a guitar-based outfit with spunk, at least 6 pieces and a semi structured format…
Interesting stickless drum technique, literal cymbal crashing,like it,Ike it a lot

This guy makes tha dramatic calamity an artform, just don’t buy used cymbals from brizzy sight unseen, diggers!
Great intense vocas from Sarah, the wile roustabout sound a kickass thang.

Greg Boring up now. Im out on the white-ant terrace with others feeling the heat shielded by a lovely white ant mesh with a nice breeze comin thru, plus a good dose of diesel from delivery trucks and fear juice from the cattle stock being brought to harvest.
Chant-haunting music with a sharp funk and good-feeling ‘BORING’ chants..

A slow and deliberate set from mad nanna living up to their menacing legacy of being the slowest band around.

Stu and myself played a brief set with Sarah on additional vocals and that was pretty much it , another stimulating evening in Brisbane and on to byron bay…

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Deadshits Motel – Jack lives here

Jack Party @ LaTrobe L-R Back row: Marriah Geles, Brendon Annesley, William Daymond; Front Row: Cooper Bawman, Stu Kawowski, Jack Daniels, Steve McCabe, Dragan Stojanovic.

Brisbane . Latrobe .

Post-gig .

Jack lives here!

Brizzie treaing us well, now its ater midnight i can say this is just a perfect day

let it all hang out , take a picture it will last longer!

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Gig #6 Deadshits Motel, LaTrobe Tce, Brisbane – oh the humidity

Latrobe Tce, central Paddington in Brisbane appears to be a creative hub – cum – doss house – cum performance venue and is home / transit centre for brisbanes disaffected youth and a few old codgers, a hive of activity and productivity. Today due to storm activity the planned downstairs gig and BBQ was hastily re-jigged to an upstairs performance in what was up till an hour ago our hotel bedroom.

First up are schoolgirl report aka our erstwhile hosts, chauffeurs and promoters Sam and Dan.
A 2-piece consisting of Sam on guitar and Dan on drums supplemented by occasional electronic percussive elements, their sound is held together by seemingly chaotic rhythms which somehow mesh nicely with sams choppy guitar chops and interspersed with vocal snatches, mostly from behind the drum kit.

Next up is Reunion Sacred Ibis, ethereal electronica from Matt, kind of a sci-fi storm chaser soundtrack, perfect for a sweltering stormy Brisbane day.
the humidity is off the chart here today…

Exiles from Clowntown are up next, this trio being eponymous expats of Cullandra, the real Clowntown.
Solid rockin with bass guitar drums plus electronics, these dudes make a good noise. The rain is relenting a bit.

A short break and xNOBBQx are up. We played with these guys and a few punters missed them as they thought they were tuning up… I think the expression is ‘atmospheric’. A packed lounge at Latrobe and the relentless rain is relenting, punters and roads steaming like a kettle testing lab running an open day. Now that’s what i call atmospheric.

We played our set, a tight list mostly made up of songs we didn’t play last nite -what we call ‘mixing it up’ in da hood.
A great if perspirational gig, the humidity in Brisbane is really something…

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